Isabella stood in the gallery observing both the patrons and the artwork. The delight on their faces was obvious. They loved what they saw. Many were gesturing with excitement.

Whoever the artist was, his passionate display enraptured many. Every painting depicted an indescribable depth of feeling you had to witness to believe.

While some spoke to affection with a light-handed stroke, they were none the less passionate, simply depicted on a different level while other paintings were very intense and bold and still managing to capture your heart.

However, the one that caught and held her eye, was of a child, dressed in Victorian clothing, a hand outstretched reaching for a butterfly sitting atop a beautiful flower at the front of a garden. Beside her, watching, stood a man amused and delighted. She held her breath. She wanted to reach out and touch the man’s face and hug the child. The love and affection he had for the child, captured in every paint stroke and the child’s delight shone brightly. The appeal was intensely personal.

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    1. Thank you, Elaine. I so appreciate your comments. Ive had the flue for weeks and today’s the first 1/2 decent day I’ve had so I haven’t been writing much. I hope that I’ll be up to sitting soon. The pain is beyond unbearable. This flue settles into your bones and it feels like a broken bone or the severest of arthritis and on top of the arthritis I have, it’s literally unbearable at times. It lasts a month and I have a few days to go but today was a major improvement at least.

        1. We’ve looked at a few. The problem is what we can afford. Nanaimo is the 17th mist expensive city to buy houses for in the world. Vancouver being number one. It means travelling outside the city at least an hour which makes Adams 10 hour day now a12 hour day. We found a trailer, but he’s concerned he won’t get his money out of it if he sells later.

          1. The date is important Phylis just write down something like I would like this to happen by April 2019 or whenever otherwise you’re leaving it open to happen sometime, whenever! The universe needs to know ❤️

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