So many moments in life to treasure, it’s difficult to know where to begin and of course, life’s journey holds something different and uniquely special to each of us.

It could be the birth of a child, a special person friend confident, a lover, partner, a parent, a grandparent that encompasses a truly special and touching relationship full of humour, laughter, sharing and caring.

Perhaps receiving rewards for efforts made when we’ve gone above and beyond and received acknowledgement in a meaningful way from a boss or co-worker encompasses that “something” special.

Sometimes sharing a cup of coffee with a good friend, having someone to share the warmth of a fire with, or an activity never before tried, the excitement of a new change. It could be a warm heartfelt smile of friendship.

I know for me, all of the above have been true again and again and certainly meeting so many very special people here who’ve stuck with me from the start, and who share parts of their lives thoughts emotions with, is indeed incredibly special.

Sheryl and others who take the time and make the effort to provide daily prompts are certainly very dear and deserve honourable mention here.

Take care until next time, one and all, and hopefully it won’t be as long as things are settling down now, life isn’t as hectic and the pain is manageable so I’m able to sit for longer. I so look forward to being back here daily as it is a special place to be for me.

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