The smirk on Nigel’s face was equally amusing and annoying. She wasn’t in need of a knight to come to her rescue, she’d been taught by the best, knew her way around and was more than likely as capable at traversing the unknown as Nigel was.  It was obvious he thought differently. 

If he wanted to tag along, then he’d realize that soon enough.  She offered up some leftover rations and he dug in after which he offered her some trail mix he’d brought along.  They sat together before the fire taking turns tending it until it was very late.  Bother were obviously attempting to out-wait the other to find out what was on their minds.  June could guess what was on his and she couldn’t help wonder if he’d guessed at her train of thought.

June rinsed out her dirty dishes, leaving him to do the same and when complete, left them neatly stacked beside the fire as she’d require them again soon enough.  Dragging her sleeping bag out, she laid it beside the fire and after tending it one last time, crawled in with a nod and a quiet “good night”.  Nigel nodded in return choosing to sit a while longer.

She was difficult to figure out.  She wasn’t about to accept his leadership, that was a given.  She also seemed to know her way around the forest and wasn’t slow about taking up the task either since she’d hiked miles today and he’d come across her trail three miles back and had followed it ever since.  One of his greatest skills was tracking and he’d tracked her easily enough since she wasn’t attempting to hide her whereabouts. 

He’d have to tackle the situation in the morning.  It would be easier if they tracked together, that way he could keep an eye on her, keep her safe.  He wasn’t entirely sure there wasn’t foul play involved in the situation regarding her brother and his friend.  If they were as experienced as he figured they were, according to all the information he’d dug up and ascertained himself, then it was inevitable something else was going on.  If she stuck her pretty little nose in, then she could become the next target, something he’d rather not see happen.

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