As he scanned the notebook, June surreptitiously peered across the space dividing them.  The rumpled look suited him.  Not that Nigel wouldn’t look good no matter what he wore, the rumple simply gave him a younger more approachable look, unlike the stern no nonsense of their first meeting.  He looked classy in shiny boots, buttoned down shirt, and dress pants – very professional.  He wore the khaki pants, tee, lightweight jacket and ball cap as easily and comfortably. She had a feeling he was secure within himself and the outward appearance meant little.

June watched his face intently looking for a sigh to indicate what he was thinking but little showed as he continued reading carefully, obviously taking in every detail as he read page after page. just as she had.

The marginal passages covered ¼ of the book.  Whoever had done the writing had either stopped voluntarily or was interrupted.  Either way, it was something to consider and she was eager to hear his take on what he’d read.

“What do you think?”

“You’re sure the additions don’t belong to either Roland or Jackson?”

“Positive.  I’ve witnessed their writing for years.  As you can see from Roland’s entries, he’s concise, direct and he prints in capitals.”  She smiled, “He says he can write quicker that way and it’s legible but his henpeck isn’t.  As for Jackson, you can see his entries here and there.  Very different from Roland’s but just as distinct.”

“I’m sure you’ve considered all the ramifications.”  He stared at her awaiting her input.“Yes.  Either someone found the book and entered their thoughts afterward or they were in Roland and Jackson’s presence when they wrote them.  I can tell you Roland wouldn’t give up that notebook without a fight.  It was like his bible.  He carried one with him everywhere he went, whether hiking, at home,” she sighed heavily, “wherever he went, it was habitual.  We always teased him about it, asking what he could possibly find to write about at a family gathering.  He always joked it was good to have info on hand to use against us if he needed to.  Which, of course, he never did, but it was a long- standing joke.”

“Sounds like he has a sense of humour.“

“He does.”

“What can you tell me about Jackson?”

“Jackson is similar in some ways, different in others.  They got along well together as both were interested in the same type of activity, entertainment, sports.  Jackson is independently wealthy, he inherited his parents money when they perished in a boating accident.”

“How long have you been in the search and rescue line of work?”

“Ten years now.”

“What did you do before?”

“I was a cop.”  His face closed indicating it was a tough subject and since they were getting along for the moment, decided not to press any further.

“What about you?  What do you do?”  He asked (although he already knew) since he’d taken a long hard look at both families.

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