Looking for feedback from those following June and Nigel. Are you finding the story engaging, interesting or other? I’m asking because I’m not sure whether to continue with their saga.

Let me know what you think.

Royal flush. Nigel grinned. They’d settled into a late night card game by firelight and he found June engaging. He hadn’t had time for romance and hadn’t been involved in romantic liaisons for some time. He wasn’t sure he should now but he found her completely appealing. She was strong, determined, liked hiking and wasn’t a pansy. She was obviously very intelligent and she was artistic. June was a compilation of all the qualities he found exciting and sexy. He shouldn’t allow his thoughts to run down that path, he knew it, but he found himself pulled along anyway even though he wasn’t sure what she thought of him.

At first she thought him uptight with a stick up his ass, it was pretty obvious from the sarcastic remarks accompanied by the look of noncompliance her impatience. He’d known immediately, in that moment, she was a strong woman and he also knew she’d light out on her own soon as she thought he wasn’t looking. He smiled. If only she knew!

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