“What about you, any hobbies or other interests?”


“Such as?”

“People watching.  I watch people.  Everywhere I go, whatever else I’m doing, I watch people.  People fascinate me.”

“I spend a lot of time in the park and I watch the same people come and go, try to ascertain what their lives entail based on the tells I see.  What job they do, what they’re like in their real lives as opposed to the lives they present to others.”

“What have you found out?”

“That while everyone we meet wears a mask, some are more obvious, others less.  Those with little to hide, who are comfortable in their skin, wear little to no masks at all.”

“So, based on this talent of yours, what have you surmised about me?”

“You’re a bit of a people watcher yourself.  You weight up situations and I doubt you jump to conclusions but make decisions based on a well-rounded judgement of the situation and person.  Your very aware of your surroundings which I suspect relates to the artist in you. Your calm, relaxed, comfortable in your skin, you have no problems accepting others as they are.  You see the reality as well as the beauty.”

June laughed.  “Nailed it.  I’d say that’s a pretty accurate characterization.”

“I’d be interested in knowing what your assessment of me would be.”

“I don’t usually tell people the truth of what I think or believe unless I’m sure they can handle it.  You, I think can.”

“You’re an incredibly intelligent man.  You size people up very quickly and let little of her inner thoughts and emotions show unless you feel it’s necessary or warranted.  For example, at our first meet, you sized the entire family in one go, as well as their ability to handle shoulder the whole of what might have happened with Roland and Jackson.  You let everyone know your capabilities and that you wouldn’t quit until you found them.  You assured everyone by looking directly in everyone’s eyes.  You didn’t back down when the difficult questions were asked, but you managed to couch your response so as not to terrify the vulnerable. You care.”

“You are comfortable in your own skin and you surround yourself with others with the same credo.  Your genuine.”

“Thank you.  You’d be right on all counts.”

“Some of that comes from the previous job.  Some from this one.”

“Some from your personal life?”  June asked quietly.

“Yes, that too.”

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