Your Daily Word Prompt – Brilliant – April 9, 2019


They took turns the rest of the night keeping watch.  Although June felt confident in her hiking ability, she silently admitted it was a relief having Nigel here and she thanked whatever brilliant stroke of luck had sent him her way. 

She’d taken several self-defense courses and felt secure that to a degree, she could protect herself, but she also knew she was no match for bullets and thuggery, the kind they undoubtedly faced.  It was blatantly obvious that Roland and Jackson had been taken against their will and while they were adept and capable, they too weren’t up to this kind of chicanery; it was definitely outside their purview.

As she lay in her sleeping blanket surreptitiously watching Nigel, she was intrigued by how quick precise flexible concise and strong he was.  Every movement had a reason.  June found him intriguing to say the least.  He was a man of action and intelligence.  He was a chess player and undoubtedly had steps planned ahead of time should trouble befall them.  He was that kind of man. 

Nigel was indeed thinking three steps ahead.  He had escape routes planned should the miscreant show up again.  Having thoroughly read the map of the area, he knew which route he would take and those he would avoid unless necessary.  His goal was finding the missing men, but also protecting June.  Sending her back at this point was mute.  They could find and capture her as well.  His only recourse was keeping her at his side giving the thugs one less target. 

There were any number of reasons they could have taken the men.  He was relieved that they managed to leave clues behind in the hope that someone else would come across them.  Roland knew his sister well and he’d know she’d have his back, guaranteed she’d send someone looking for them when they didn’t show up. 

In the short time he’d known her, Nigel was certain of two things.  June was not only beautiful but strong willed and determined and she loved deeply as indicated by her adamant determination to track her brother and his friend. 

Tomorrow they’d go over some scenarios to better protect her should the need arise.  Since she wasn’t given to hysterics, he knew she’d take in what he offered without pause for thought.  He liked that about her.

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