June was a determined woman.  Her commitment absolute.  Nigel was impressed with her character.  She was beautiful, her auburn hair and green eyes striking, and she obviously worked out (hiking being one of her outlets) and it seemed they had much in common.  He hadn’t allowed himself to become involved or even attracted to a woman in a long time.  Primarily because his job took him away for extended periods of time and few women could or would understand his dedication and commitment to his job.

Nigel fell asleep thinking about the attraction he felt and whether he should move on those feelings.  He figured no harm no foul and if she wasn’t attracted as much as he was, she’d certainly be upfront about that – either way.

June’s mind was a whirl of thoughts while emotions swirled around her.  Her concern at finding the two men she cared about, preferably in one piece uppermost in her mind, her second thought was the unsuspected and growing attraction she felt for this man.  His diligence was unquestionable.  Nigel knew what he was doing and his background as a former cop was an absolute asset.  He never took any scenario at face value but quickly considered the incident from every possible angle.  She liked that.  He didn’t close any door but left all the possibilities open. 

They woke early, made coffee, ate snack bars and were on their way quickly.  The sun’s dappled light shone through the dense forest and at times flashlights were required to pass through heavily shrouded areas.  The companionable silence was pleasant to both.

“This must be heaven for you, the beauty here.”  Nigel smiled.

“Yes.  I keep reminding myself why I’m here because I want to stop and sketch much of what I see.”

“Hazard of being an artist?”

June smiled.  “Yeah, it is.  Even on the street, I’ll come across an interesting scene and immediately want to draw it so I can paint it later.”

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