If asked, June would have immediately offered to participate in the search for Roland and Jackson, not only because she knew the men and their habits well but because she was a seasoned hiker and it was possible Nigel might have agreed, but it was doubtful; therefore, she’d done the next best thing, circumvented Nigel completely, heading out on her own. June wondered how he’d found her so easily.  Had he anticipated this result?

The developing chaos of the past 24 hours brought home the menacing situation she (they) now faced.  Due to this dramatic turn, the escalation from lost and missing to a possible kidnapped or hostage situation, was certainly something she wasn’t prepared for or had suspected in her wildest dreams.  Hence, she was somewhat surprised at Nigel’s resultant acquiescence wondering when the other shoe would drop.

June realized Nigel could and certainly would move faster without her presence and she was aware it probably wasn’t fair to Nigel since he felt honour bound to protect her.  Still, (even knowing this) she wasn’t prepared to leave or turn back. She needed to see this thing through. Besides, two pairs of eyes working together meant they were covering ground if at a modest rate, very efficiently.

“Any word from your men?”

“Nothing particularly interesting.  Unless you find voyeurism fun.”  He smirked.

“Why, who or what did they find?”

“A couple of teens making out after wandering away from parental supervision.  They begged my men not to turn them in.  They agree if the two immediately headed back to their parents camp.”

June couldn’t help but smile at the hormonal hijinx they’d undoubtedly witnessed. “Those were the days alright.”

“Yeah, glad to have put that particular chapter of my life behind me.”

“Were you the terror of the neighbourhood, Nigel?”

“Not quite, I think that honour goes to one of my older brothers.”  He laughed aloud recalling the stream of beauty’s his brother had brought home.

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