June smiled.  “I did some research on you once I knew who was being called in.  You actually own the company, you aren’t a subsidiary.”

Nigel nodded, “That’s true.”

“Pretty risky starting a new company…”

“Not really.  I know what I’m doing, and I only hire the most qualified applicants.  I’d been involved in search parties before and my rep got around and before long I had a steady stream of clients.”

“Still, it’s not easy getting a new company off the ground.  It takes guts determination effort and giving your all.”

“Most often, yes, but I had a head start because I know people, crossed paths with plenty of individuals who clearly remembered me which gave me a clear head start.”

“I imagine that didn’t go down well with some of the other search groups out there.”

“You’d be surprised.  For the most part, there aren’t enough to go round.  People get lost anywhere anytime.  Because of my contact with the police force, I get a lot of missing persons as a result.  Too often searches are called due to inclement weather, time or money but the family isn’t satisfied and needs closure.  I’ve taken on several cases as a result.”

“You ever found someone you didn’t expect to find?”

“There were a couple of cases that parties weren’t expecting to be found but I managed much to the families delight.  There’s nothing worse than having a family member disappear off the face of the earth…the not knowing can eat away at the family forever.”

“Had any cases where you were inordinately pleased you found the missing individual?”

Nigel stopped walking and stared straight ahead.  “Yeah.  One in particular.  A little boy had wandered off and we found him, dehydrated, weak, disoriented but otherwise safe.  He’d wandered a couple miles from home.  No one knows how he got out, it was a fenced yard the parents went into the house for a couple minutes to bring refreshments out and by the time they’d returned he was gone.  He was four and he managed to escape through a hedge.  He was scratched up, but otherwise unharmed.”

“What made that case so special?”

“The parents had adopted, unable to have their own kids and they loved that little boy and it showed.  They were completely devastated and grateful he was found safe and unharmed.  It’s stayed with me ever since.  It was very rewarding.”

“I guess that means there have been others that weren’t as rewarding?  How do you handle those?”

“It eats at you, I give you that.  Sometimes I wonder “what if” but that’s a scenario you can’t ever answer.  The elements, a person’s choices, disorientation, confusion, there are a number of factors that play into a person’s responses.  A seasoned hiker for example stands a much better chance of survival while someone out on a jaunt, unfamiliar with the area, how to respond, perhaps not equipped properly, that can carry an entirely different result.”

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