Although it was a short period of time to have spent together, June enjoyed Nigel’s company, more so as time passed.  He’d taken the initiative in asking questions, personal questions to learn more about her and he was on target regarding his assessment of her character. 

He was strong determined and confident in himself, enough to take the initiative in finding out more about her.  He was observant too.  It was obvious in his responses if not at the given moment, afterward.  Taking her word regarding her brother and looking beyond the obvious was only one such occasion.  In the past several hours she could recount several. 

It wasn’t just that he felt responsible for protecting her, it went beyond that.  Her opinions and thoughts were valued and it felt really good.  Too often it had been her experience that men pretended her opinion mattered but when the shit hit the fan, backed away.

She couldn’t imagine a single situation where Nigel would act that way toward her or anyone else for that matter. 

As they trudged onward through some heavy bog, he waited until she was on secure footing before carrying on.  He didn’t immediate decided she required help but if and when she indicated she required it, or he could quite clearly see she was tiring, he didn’t hesitate to lend a helping hand and didn’t take over reducing her to the “little woman” syndrome she’d encountered all too often.  She wasn’t a stand on the podium and preach about equality type woman, she preferred her actions to speak for her.  June was straight up.  If she could handle the situation, she did, if she required assistance, she asked for it, simple as that.

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