“Can you tell me more about Jackson?”

“Like what?

“Interests, hobbies, likes ‘n dislikes, associates, was he a party animal or into drugs or alcohol?

“I see where you’re going with this.  You’re wondering if his actions or lifestyle resulted in something nefarious.”  She paused a moment before continuing, “Jackson is Jackson.  I haven’t spent a great deal of time one on one, just hanging with Roland and Jackson on occasion.  He isn’t into drugs, he considered his body a temple and he doesn’t overdo alcohol either.  He drinks occasionally, on special occasions, Christmas, New Years, sometimes for a special birthday party, a milestone for someone, but never more than a glass or two at most.  His time was spent between cavorting around with Roland whenever they had a confirmed destination in mind or he worked.  Jackson was determined to forward his father’s legacy.”

“I remember Roland came home one day, oooh several weeks back and he was angry, angrier than I’d ever seen him.  It took some doing, like pulling teeth, to get information out of him, but he said Jackson was in a battle with a couple of board members over something he considered inevitable and they weren’t willing to concede and Jackson knew the direction he intended on going would benefit everyone not just the investors and board members.”

“Any idea who it was?”

“No, Roland didn’t say, if he knew, but he was royally pissed off. He’d been involved doing some of the legwork involved and he said it was a brilliant strategy that would put Jackson’s company in the forefront technologically for generations.”

“Any idea what that meant?”

“No, he didn’t elaborate, he was so angry he went for a run and he hadn’t returned by the time I left. Since I had a deadline to meet and a lot of work to accomplish I never gave it another thought until later. I meant to ask him about it but that discussion was tabled and I never got back to it.”

“You think there could be a connection?”

“It’s highly possible.  If there aren’t any skeletons in your brother’s closet, then I have to focus on Jackson.  Your brother is leaving clues, Jackson isn’t which doesn’t bode well for Jackson.  You suggested he’s a straight shooter.  If he went up against a couple of board members, they may have reason to rid themselves of him.”

“Who would stand to gain if Jackson say, disappeared?”

Turning to look Nigel in the face, June said, “There aren’t any family members left except Jackson.  I have no idea what would become of the company or who would run it or if it would be dissolved.  He could have a will, but if he does, I wouldn’t have any idea who would inherit.”

“What about Roland, would he leave everything to a trusted friend?”

June stopped dead in her tracks, “You’re not suggesting what I think your suggesting are you?”  Her mutinous stance and refusal to move spoke volumes.

“Just trying to get a picture, June.  I can’t negate the possibility that both men are captives.  I need to know where to focus my attention.  If it were a ransom situation, who would cough up the dough?  Who would he contact?  Roland’s with him.  Maybe that wasn’t intentional and maybe it was.  They could be playing the situation to their benefit using your brother as leverage to control Jackson.  He could be involved as a result of his associtation with Jackson. If they want money, Roland would have to contact someone, someone he trusted.”

“Far as I know, there isn’t anyone that could access his money.  Not that I’m aware of anyway.  As far as Roland is concerned, he’d die before he hurt Jackson.  He once said he’d take a bullet for him if need be.”

“Sounds like he cares about Jackson.”

“He does.”

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