Nigel went over every tidbit of information he had acquired regarding both men.  He wasn’t about to omit a single detail lest something lend assistance or a hint about what was happening.

His current and only logical theory was that Jackson was the target whether it was money a vendetta a lark a prank gone wrong, to his mind either Roland was an unwitting casualty, or had been taken to ensure Jackson’s cooperation.  The men were tight and one way to ensure Jackson’s support was to use Roland as a bargaining chip.

It was a constant puzzle although a relief that Roland managed to drop clues.  It would work for a time, but sooner or later their captors would become aware of his activities or he’d run out of items to drop that might mean something. 

Although Nigel had originally been anxious regarding June’s pursuit of the men, he had to admit there were advantages.  She was keen eyed, intent, determined, forthright and knew the men well.  If anyone could shed light on why Roland was dropping the hints he had, it would be June.  She knew her brother well and she might know enough about Jackson and their relationship to render assistance in determining how they’d react in any given situation.

As they set up camp for the night, he suggested reading the journal her brother had dropped, looking at it now from a captor’s point of view.  Perhaps the additions had meaning after all.

They ate under the light of a full moon that barely reached them through the trees although it was clearly visible in the night sky.

Sitting shoulder to shoulder, they took turns whispering aloud the words written on each page while attempting to make sense of what they’d read.

“Is it some sort of code, do you think?”

Nigel responded, “I figure so.  How it links together is confusing.  As soon as I figure I have it figured out, it takes a turn and becomes senseless.”

“Perhaps that’s what it was meant to do.”

“Ok, let’s try this.  Let’s play connect the dots.  Read a line that seems to make sense, leave out the ones that don’t, put the ones that don’t in a separate category if you will.”

“It’s worth a try,” Nigel admitted.

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