Another day passed without results and June felt frustrated and concerned.  It was a matter of time before Roland ran out of items to drop, especially items that wouldn’t be of interest or noted.  Hard to tell whether the creeps had gone through their things by now and taken anything of interest or concern.

By the time they’d set up camp, Nigel was on his hand-held device talking with his base camp.  When he was finished he explained that the other crews hadn’t found anything thus far but there had been a development.

“What kind of development?”

“I had one of my experts research Jackson and his connections to eliminate and to narrow down our search for people who might exploit Jackson his company or personal life.”

“It seems he made a couple of enemies.  Both are related, they are brothers of a woman he dated a couple years back.  Apparently, she’s made some charged allegations against Jackson.  Could be the brothers took them seriously.”

“What allegations?”

“She claims she was mistreated by Jackson and he dumped her.”

“That’s not all there is to it though?”

“No.  According to the information we currently have, things got physical and she walked away with bruises and she suggests he may have sexually exploited her.”

“That’s not right or possible.  Seriously!  Jackson is attractive, sexy and has enough machismo he wouldn’t and doesn’t have to resort to physicality to get what he wants.  Women are constantly throwing themselves at him, primarily because of who he is and how wealthy he is.”

“So, your suggesting she might be throwing dirt around for money?”

“Yes, that would be a logical guess, that and the woman scorned scenario; unfortunately, there are still women out there who can’t stand on their own two feet and pull that poor me crap to get their way.  This would be an ideal set up.”

Nigel considered her words carefully.  She knew Jackson well and from the background checks he’d performed prior to taking the case, this information hadn’t come up.  What he found though indicated she was correct.  Neither Jackson or Roland would condone such behaviour.  In fact, they’d rescued a number of women in a couple of bars they frequented that indicated they would jump to a woman’s assistance to get her out of a disastrous situation.  There was nothing but praise regarding their behaviour. 

“It is an avenue to explore.  I don’t believe it, but I had to check.  If her brothers took her words as gospel, they could be reacting on revenge.  That or they are working in tandem for money.  No better way than besmirching someone’s reputation because a little dirt will stick, someone will believe the worst, they always do.”

“I would vouch for Jackson on a stack of bibles.  I know the kind of man he is and those aren’t Jackson’s actions.”

“We’re going to keep looking.  There has to be an angle, a wrinkle, something somewhere to point us in the direction of the people involved.  It’s simply a starting point.”

“Ok.”  June’s sigh of relief was eloquent.

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