Nigel had already made coffee and was enjoying it when she got up.  “Hi.”

Breakfast was a quiet affair.  June usually woke with a positive attitude, determined to find Roland and Jackson, convinced it would only be a matter of time.  Perhaps it was the gloomy the mist surrounding them that played a part in her feelings.

He must have heard something in her voice because he looked steadily in her direction without wavering and finally asked, “You ok?”

“Yeah.”  He watched until she was forced to answer.

“I’d hoped we’d find another clue, something to indicate where they were if not who’d orchestrated this disaster.”

Handing her a cup of coffee he said, “We might have.  Need your eyes though.  You might spot something we missed.”

“Why?  What happened?”

“Got the photos back.”

Dropping down beside him she said, “Can I see?”

Nigel opened his phone and slid a few pages across the screen before handing her the phone.  “Have a look, tell me what you see.”

June painstakingly looked at each photo with avid interest.  When she was done she asked, “Were there any other photos on the camera?”

“Just one.  Of Jackson at the lake head where the trek begins.  Why?”

“This photo makes no sense.  Actually, two don’t make much sense.”

“Which one?”

June scrolled back to the photo in question.  “This one.”  Nigel waited to hear her take.

“See the background?”


“There’s someone back there but it blurred out as though they suddenly noticed a camera was pointed in their direction.  They really didn’t want their photo taken.  The next shot shows someone coming at Roland.  It’s a bit blurry too, but he looks angry.”

“Yeah, I saw that, and I wasn’t sure if you or your brother knew the guy.”

“No, never saw him before, ever.”

“Why would someone be angry about a photograph they couldn’t even be sure they were in.  It’s a distance shot, and they were nearly blurred out anyway.”

“It’s an interesting question.”

“Did you notice anything else, on the trail that might give us some clues?”

“Not in particular, no.  Just that one shot of someone’s boots.  Typical hiking boot, but Roland took a picture of them.  Not something he’d normally do.” “I wondered about that one myself.  Could be there’s more to those boots than we’ve observed, there must be a meaning to the photo or he wouldn’t have taken it.  It’s too random.”

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