It was too dark to continue so they set up another make-shift camp and were warming by a fire when June started laughing.  At Nigel’s questioning look, she said, “Sorry, was thinking of a comedy, I was trying to come up with a movie that fit the situation.  Roland loved comedy as much as me.  As kids we’d spend hours watching slap stick, stand up, you name it.”

“Who’s your favourite comedian?”  Nigel asked intrigued.

“Oh, god, too many to choose from but Robin Williams, Red Skelton, Lucille Ball, George Carlin, Jim Carey.  I must say I think “Saturday Night Live” spawned some of the best.  Loved that show!”

“Past tense?”

“Yeah, I don’t take enough time to watch these days.  Life’s been hectic.”

“Other than your art, how do you fill your days and nights?”

June paused before answering, wondering if there were more to the question than met the eye.  Was he asking if she was involved with someone?  “Trust me, my art sometimes takes over my life, especially when I’m onto something that captivates me.  The need to get it just right can take over if I’m not careful.  It hasn’t left much time for men.  Trying to keep up with my family is a full-time job.”

“Perhaps if the right man came along, that could change.”

“Possibly.  How about you?  Any significant other in your life?”

“Once, a long time ago.  A lifetime ago.  Like you, work has consumed me, rather I’ve allowed it to consume me.”

“Any reason in particular?”  She wondered at the reason since he was intelligent, good looking and obviously had much to offer.

“I was in a long-time relationship when I was a cop but she couldn’t handle the pressure.  Thought she could but then one day I got shot, nothing major, but when she got the call she was panicked and realized one day I might not come home and she couldn’t handle the anxiety and wanted out.”

“Did she…”

“She married a cop.  Go figure.”


My favourite comedic movies are Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks.  The angst as to whether they’ll work it out was always right on.  Enough to keep your interest, with enough story-line and humour to keep it light-hearted.”

“Yeah, I have to agree on that one.”

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