Nigel hadn’t pulled any punches outlining the situation facing them. He’d taken time to cover all the possibilities and her part in each instance.  He hoped it would be enough to keep them all safe.

Unfortunately, it was a guessing game at best with puzzle pieces missing. He didn’t know who he was dealing with, their abilities or stress levels; not only June, Jackson and Roland but more importantly the perps.  There was always the unknown that had to be handled spur of the moment, on a gut instinct that he couldn’t prepare June for in advance.  She was a bright woman and he figured, hoped, she’d read the situation correctly when they were in the heat of the moment.

The one possibility he hadn’t discussed with June was whether Jackson was involved.  Although Nigel’s research team hadn’t uncovered any evidence suggesting Jackson’s involvement, he couldn’t discount the possibility either and his cop instincts were on high alert and overdrive because this wasn’t a normal missing person’s case (if there were such a case).  He only hoped for Roland and June’s sake Jackson wasn’t pulling a stunt and under the guise of friendship, drawn Roland and June, into a web of deceit.  If that were the case, he’d have a lot to answer for, wealthy or not.

If Roland were half the man, with half the integrity, honesty, loyalty and determination June showed, then he certainly didn’t deserve to be drawn into anything heinous either and it would be a serious blow if the circumstances and evidence came to light proving his best friend, lifelong friend had planned his abduction.

He knew June lay awake, he heard her tossing and turning.  When she finally settled, he allowed himself to rest as well. 

Before falling asleep June couldn’t help but applaud Nigel’s professionalism, his calm demeanor was a relief if frustrating.  Ok, ok, she had to admit it wasn’t his family and he was detached which was of course, a good thing, and admittedly it was a damn good thing he could handle pressure.  She wished she could reach that place; it was her brother after all, and she’d never been involved in anything close to criminal.  He was right about one thing, “the heart wants what the heart wants” and her heart wanted Roland and Jackson found, safe and sound.

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