As a cop, it had been drilled into him and every other cop “never make promises”.  The outcome was laden with invariables from human nature to stupidity and they’d let down the person they’d made the promise to as well as themselves.  Still, he couldn’t help promising June they’d find her brother and his friend. 

Making it this far had taken fortitude, and she’d require even more before this situation was ended.  He felt the inescapable need to provide June with as much strength and conviction as he could.  She was a realist and likely didn’t require it, but the heart, that was another matter entirely. Her heart was hurting, aching for relief for assurances and he felt honour bound to keep that promise, no matter what it took.

It spoke to his own state of mind and growing affection for this beautiful unpretentious woman.  She hadn’t once flaunted her looks or used attitude on him.  He loved that for he’d long ago grown tired of women throwing themselves in his path.  It wasn’t conceited but a simple fact; for him and his three brothers. Admittedly when he was a young teenager it had been a bit of a turn on but as he’d grown older, it had ceased its enticement and lacked in excitement and his enthusiasm had waned. Having lived a hundred lives during his time on the force, witnessing all he’d witnessed (man’s constant inhumanity to man) and the number of horrid and unique ways they’d come up with to hurt injure or kill one another, had taken the edge off that scenario quickly.  He’d looked for better ways to relax and deal with what he’d faced daily.  It wasn’t hordes of women panting after him, nor he after them that mattered.

June was the first woman to cross his path that had him believing the impossible was actually possible; a woman straight, honest, sincere and loyal who took it on the chin but living in hope.

June meanwhile felt that wild pull the draw and attraction for Nigel.  If ever there was a man that could turn her head, Nigel was it.  Everything about him spoke to her on levels she hadn’t been aware of before.  In all likelihood he probably shouldn’t have made a promise he might not manage to keep but she also knew that with every breath, every ounce of his strength, if he could pull it off, he would. And she’d be right beside him all the way and do everything in her power to assist. 

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