For all the horror Nigel had witnessed firsthand during his career, his outlook wasn’t cynical.  The only time cynicism reared its ugly head was when it was warranted, when he knew beyond the shadow of a doubt someone was lying to him.  He was exceptional at reading people and his rate of accuracy was exceedingly high no matter how many layers the perp tried to lay out.  It was impossible to keep a story straight when it was untrue.  There were exceptional liars of course and there were people who couldn’t lie to save their skin. 

Nigel had watched other cops enter a scene with a preconceived idea, cynical in their approach and method.  He’d long since learned you couldn’t gain witnesses trust if you went in on a negative note.  Nigel preferred an open dialogue until and unless there was no other recourse.

Even now, he carried out his searches with the same premise; because he wasn’t zeroed in on only one possibility, having gathered intel in advance, it resulted in an extremely high success rate.

He only wished he knew more about the perps and whether their goal was kidnapping and money, revenge and payback, who they were working for and whether they were motivated by greed.  Those answers would ensure a victory on his part.  Without them, he navigated in the dark and would play it by ear.

June was going over every incident in her mind and whether the clues held meaning or were happenstance.  If either Roland or Jackson were dropping clues, there was a meaning to them but if it was a perp trying to lead them astray, it meant little if anything.

Nigel was the type of man others would look to in a crisis, he wore the stamp of a man in control, and the aura of confidence that made you believe the impossible was possible.  She looked across into those cops eyes and saw him clearly.

She tried focusing her attention on their surroundings and away from the other wayward thoughts that flooded her mind and the feelings associated – he was sexy as hell and she was holding back for fear she’d step off the cliff and into waiting arms.  She wasn’t completely sure how he felt about her, but every now and again he’d let his guard down and warmth seeped through.  Determined she wouldn’t be the first to make a move, she kept her distance without being rude and conceited.

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