Although not a church-going type, June sent up a fervent prayer they’d find Roland and Jackson and bring them out safely.  While she respected Nigel and that of his handpicked team, she decided a little extra help couldn’t hurt.

“Have you been sending word back to my family?”

“I instructed one of my men to keep them updated.  I don’t want to raise false hope, but they need to know about the clues we’ve found.  I’ve instructed them to discuss the situation with no one else.  We don’t want word getting around that could alert the perps we’re onto them or their possible location.”

“That seems reasonable.”

“You have a large caring family, June.  Even though they aren’t able to assist with the current situation, they need to be in the know. I wouldn’t be as free with information in every case.”

“We’ve been lucky.  We grew up “tight”.  Not that we haven’t had our disagreements, but overall, we share many of the same goals.  My parents loved hiking and the great outdoors (they don’t participate as much as they used to) but they also instilled values…hard work, never taking life for granted, looking on the positive rather than the negative side, and above all showing respect for family friends and our home.”

“Good people,” Nigel commented thinking of his own parents.  They too raised their family with values and although his dad was gone, his mother remained, as strong and determined today as ever.  He loved that about her. 

“What about your people, Nigel?”

“I have three brothers all alive and kicking and my mom whose as unstoppable as ever.”

“Any little ones running around?”

“Nieces and nephews?  No.  Not yet, although Jared’s wife is expecting, and they are over the moon.  Hard to think of my baby brother as a dad.”  Nigel smiled remembering the carefree lifestyle Jared had lived, also the member of the family most vehement about never having kids but when he’d met Marisa, he’d fallen like a ton of bricks.

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