What June found most interesting was people’s responses to her artwork.  There was nothing vague about their responses, they were either all in, or were completely cold.  They had to have it, or they walked away which in most cases amused her since her art covered a huge range of possibilities.  She couldn’t help but wonder which category Nigel fell into.

It irked her in some ways, this draw she felt toward Nigel, a man she, in reality, knew next to nothing about. What she’d observed, she liked, very much, but that was the tip of the iceberg and she still felt drawn to him, like a moth to a flame so she was constantly guarding her feelings lest they show her interest.

Nigel was bound by the same rules in reality.  She was a client, well next best thing, so he felt he had to continue treating her as though she were, maintaining his professionalism at all times and yet he wanted to know so much more about her.  Everything in fact.  Art obviously as well as the great outdoors.  What else? What she ate, what she enjoyed doing, what made her laugh, what made her cry, what moved her, what kind of music she liked, what she looked like in blissful sleep.

He vowed he’d make his move as soon as he could, let her know he wanted to further their relationship, build on what they’d experienced together so far.  It would be interesting and probably challenging but he was up for a challenge, especially if it involved June.

Nigel’s cogitations were interrupted when his phone buzzed.  Before he could speak the voice on the other end of the line began speaking.  “Yeah, that’s good.  Take your positions.  We’ll pack up and join you, don’t move until we get there.”

Before he’d hung up, he was moving, packing what they’d used.  “Let’s go.  They’ve found a possible sighting and location.”

“We’re close?”

“Won’t take us long to join them.”  They worked quickly to gather up the remainder of their stuff and were headed out within minutes.

“This is a good thing, right?”

“Hopefully.  Won’t know until I get there and can survey the situation for myself.”

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