“We’ll take it slow here, it’s a good place for an ambush if they heard us coming,” Nigel informed her.

Nothing like a little reality to make you feel nostalgic, June thought.  Nostalgic for the uncomplicated times, moments shared no matter the reason.  She prayed they’d have many more opportunities to enjoy in the future.

Nigel’s men were combing the area looking for other clues to indicate whether the group had gone through the cave or taken another path.  They waited patiently for word.

Brad returned and took Nigel aside.  “They’ve taken a path through the forested area.  Some are hold up in the cave but there are tracks including Roland’s that went the other way.”

“Ok, take Harris and John with you and continue through the cave; I’m concerned they could have taken Jackson there to wait for the ransom.  Keep radio contact to a minimum but keep me informed.  We’ll continue following the path toward the forest.”

“It’s difficult to say why they’d take the other route unless they are planning on meeting someone, either for the payoff or to transfer either of the men to another location.  So far, they haven’t harmed either hostage. I’m thinking the blood we found was from one of the captors; perhaps a disagreement between perps,” Brad suggested.

“Yeah, I was wondering the same.  Could have been a disagreement about how to handle the situation or whether to kill the hostages once they get whatever they’re after.”

“What about June?”

“I’ll keep June, Justin and Mark with me.  If the situation escalates, I want you to send Harris and John back to escort her out.”

“Got it.”  Brad nodded and headed toward the cave gesturing to two of their men to follow.

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