The surrounding silence had her heart pounding and her hearing was on high alert, in fact all of June’s senses were on high alert! She wondered if this was what it felt like for Nigel every time he went into an unknown situation. Since this was an unusual situation, perhaps not, but then again, the anticipation, concern, excitement of finding a lost individual had to count high on the emotional scale.

June wanted to kick something, a rock, a tree root, something to vent her anger at what had happened and at the individuals responsible.  No one should have to live with this kind of fear angst worry, not ever. 

In retrospect her life seemed dull by comparison, not that she’d have it any other way.  She loved her life, simple though it may be, the excitement of the day, creating something new, the anticipation of how her art would be received, the feelings of overwhelming delight at finishing a project and having it turn out as wonderfully as she’d hoped.  Ok, sometimes there were failures, when the anticipated outcome didn’t live up to her expectations, that was a given, no matter what you did for a living.  You went in hoping for the best, expecting the best, and in the end, decide on how to deal with whatever the result was.

That made this situation far more intense because her hope was a given, they’d find both men safe and unharmed, they’d get them back, they’d live their life.  She’d never take another moment for granted.  If this situation had taught her anything, it was that the unexpected could happen at any moment and life could change on a dime. 

The closer they came to the finish line, the more perturbed her feelings.  She wasn’t sure how Nigel, his team, or cops handled this on a daily basis.  You had to have a strong fortitude and fiber to handle the roller coaster ride that was inevitable.  You aren’t in control of the situation and consequently fly by the seat of your pants with a heart-pounding excitement that defied logic.

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Sun Jun 2 , 2019
June found it difficult to sit and await the outcome of what had just happened.  Even though she didn’t know Brad or the other members […]

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