A frisson of excitement akin to what a thrill seeker might feel hit June.  It disturbed her as much as anything could have.  This was her brother and Jackson, and these were real honest to god salt of the earth men trying to save their lives and yet that frisson flew across her veins, had the hair on the back of her neck standing up and goose pimples covering her arms.  She wanted to hang her head in shame because she was sure this wasn’t supposed to happen and then sanity reinstituted itself long enough for her to remind herself that this was as much anticipation as anything.  These men were fighting for Roland and Jackson and yes, there was an element of uncertainty about it not to mention she’d never been in this sort of situation before, so it stood to reason that a multitude of emotions would run wild.

She peered at Nigel and he was as focused and intense as was humanly possible, and she knew it only because she’d spent enough time with him, to understand him, otherwise she wouldn’t have known.  He stood resolute determined and strong and her admiration for the man grew ten-fold.

As they made their way toward Harris position, you could cut the tension with a knife.  Everyone was on high alert, prepared to make their move. Nigel signaled his men and they moved as a group toward the mouth of the cave.  It was a situation fraught with possibilities.

She Nigel and Mark reached the spot Brad had been standing and they again waited as Brad Harris and John took the lead.  They flanked the mouth of the cave and entered.  June was afraid to even breath.  One wrong move could have catastrophic effects for everyone.

Minutes ticked by so slowly it was as if time stood still.  John turned to Nigel and relayed a set of hand signals that had Nigel nudging her to move behind him and as one they headed forward together.

At the mouth of the cave, all was silent.  As they entered she spotted two sets of flashlights, shining toward the cave floor.  They continued for twenty fifty a hundred feet, nothing.  Before long Brad Harris and even John were no longer in view.  Nigel pressed on with Mark in the forefront, June in the middle and Nigel taking up the rear.

There were subtle odors in this cave that weren’t present in the other one.  It was a given that someone had been here recently and had even cooked something.  She watched the cave floor and noticed footprints, one set in particular stood out, it was Roland’s, the tell-tale missing chunk in the bottom of his shoe leaving a distinct pattern.  Her heart skipped a beat.

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