Nigel was a stolid thinker.  It was essential, it was how he worked.  There were several strategies open to him and his men.  Dozens of questions and scenarios raced through his mind.  Which would work best in this case was the question.  Divide and conquer?   The 2nd perp didn’t appear as committed as the leader, it may not be necessary.  The leader, however, would fight to the death.  He had nothing to lose from the sound of things.  A coward no question, but he was also cunning; or he wouldn’t have made it this far.

Nigel’s goal ultimately was keeping Jackson safe.  June and Roland weren’t in harm’s way, they were good and as long as they remained put and Roland didn’t decide to play hero, all would go according to plan. Jackson on the other hand, had taken the brunt of the man’s temper, no doubt received a beating or two, but he was still hanging in.  He hadn’t lost his spirit.

If Nigel provided another target or a distraction, a couple moments, an instant even, his men could move. If he could catch the miscreant off guard, the plan would work more effectively.  Disarming the perp seemed unlikely and while he’d prefer to incapacitate him, if he had to shoot to kill, he would.  Either himself or his men.

He signaled to John and the 2nd perp.  John instantly began inching forward with the 2nd perp firmly in his sights.  Mark was in the rear in front of Roland and June.  Brad was making his way up the left wall while Justin crouched to Nigel’s right.

When he gave the command, they’d all move in unison each with a target but only after Nigel gave the word and was sure Jackson was no longer the center of the perps sights.

Old but effective, Nigel picked up a large rock and whipped it across the cave to the far end where it landed with a resounding splash.  Roland barely moved, the 2nd perp looked scared turning from the leader to the sound he’d heard but he was backing toward Nigel while the leader moved four steps toward the sound, taking his eyes and attention off Jackson giving Nigel just enough time to move in.  He lunged at the perp and took him down with a mighty blow to his core and they began fighting over the perp’s gun.  Nigel landed several blows and his men moved in and grabbed Jackson and hauled him out of harm’s way while John kept his sights on the 2nd perp who held his hands in the air, his back against the cave wall, giving no resistance. 

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