To her way of thinking, there was no glamour in this situation.  It was tense it was harsh it was unforgiving.  She had complete faith that Nigel could resolve the situation and save Jackson. June held her breath awaiting the outcome.  She wasn’t alone. She felt the tension rolling off of Roland. They turned and looked simultaneously at each other, eyes like saucers, their thoughts probably running along the same line. She sensed Roland’s eagerness in wanting to participate, but he knew his limitations and he knew this was above his pay grade.  He’d managed to keep dropping clues, the best thing he could have done under the circumstances, especially considering he was outgunned, literally.  She gently took his hand in hers and squeezed.  He squeezed back. 

Without a moment’s hesitation, Nigel slid toward the fallen man pouncing on him fighting for his gun.  It might have been a short fight, but it happened in slow motion and seemed like forever in June’s mind. She watched as Nigel dragged the perp onto his stomach and tied his arms behind him.  Only then did his gaze shift to take in the other members of the team. John, weapon drawn and cocked, had slammed the other creep up against the cave wall with his arm across his throat.  He didn’t seem inclined to move which suited John just fine.  Harris was lifting Jackson to his feet while Brad and Mark stood guard in front of Roland and June.

Nigel grabbed his radio and spoke quickly and quietly to someone on the other end June assumed were the cops.  Once the perps were tied and sitting, Nigel looked at June and the look held volumes.  Relief, inquiry, an unspoken something she hoped was directed at her.

She walked up to him and wrapped her arms around him, “Thank you, Nigel, thank you!”  When she would have turned away, he wrapped his arm around her and drew her in.  Staring into her eyes he said nothing, just kissed her with a heart pounding kiss that held more than she could have imagined.  Perhaps some good would come of this after all.

Roland made his way to his friend, “Jackson, how you doing?”

“Could be better, but all things equal, I’m glad to be alive.”  He paused, “Your adventures are never boring, Roland.”

Roland would have normally slapped him on the back but due to Jackson’s pained expression thought better of it and he said, “Never a dull moment with me my friend.”

“So, who is this guy and what’s the story?”  he asked the question that was floating through everyone else’s minds as well.

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