June listened intently to Jackson’s explanation.  Apparently, he’d been a long time friend that his father had given a job to.  It wasn’t enough for Darren who felt he was owed more.  Anyone’s guess as to what or why he felt wronged.  He showed up, did his job, worked well but basically hadn’t added anything particularly spectacular throughout his work history.  He’d never once stepped up to the plate to assist anyone else reach a deadline or goal but had instead feathered his nest by taking credit for numerous other employee’s work which had recently been brought to Jackson’s attention.  When Jackson attempted to address the situation, Darren had exploded and walked out.

It wasn’t the first disgruntled employee Jackson had dealt with, but Darren had carried his grievance far beyond that of anyone Jackson had ever known. 

It was telling that he’d hired two men to do his dirty work, unwilling to dirty his hands until the final moment when unless confrontation happened, Jackson made it clear he wasn’t about to fork over any money for any reason.  He sat as he told his story while Nigel and one of his crew dressed his wounds until he could be transported to a hospital for follow up.

He turned to Roland and said, “I’m sorry Roland.  Sorry you got dragged into this situation.  Damn proud of how you kept your head and leaving clues, well that was brilliant.”

“I did what anyone would have done, Jackson, nothing more.”

“Seriously, Roland, you did.  You saved our asses.  It could have taken forever to find us without your clues, they could have left us in these caves to die and no one would have been the wiser.”

“Awe, you can pay me later,” Roland quipped.

“June, you are amazing!”

“Hey, I didn’t do anything, I just rode my high horse on in.  I didn’t know Nigel and his men, I knew they were good, but I couldn’t just stand by, which probably made Nigel’s job a little more complicated.”  All eyes turned to Nigel. 

“Hey, it was my pleasure.  You kept up, your intuition was right on, and you found several of the clues Roland left, so I’d say you did your part.”

Amazing how trust worked, she thought.  Jackson had trusted his employee would do his part and he did up to a point.  Roland trusted his clues would be found.  June trusted the system even though she was antsy and couldn’t stay on the sidelines.  Nigel, well he trusted his instincts and his men.  Trust was the word of the day today.

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