June was flummoxed.  Darren Franks had been given the opportunity of a lifetime, to be with the best, learn from the best, walk shoulder to shoulder with the best and if he’d chosen to prove himself, he could have flown, soared, Jackson would have guaranteed it. Instead, he’d squandered a great opportunity, chossing to whine snivel pull the poor me card and the worldowes me and obviously Jackson in particular.

The world owed him nothing.  The responsibility was on him, his choices, his dedication, fitting in, all of which would have shot him up the ladder of success had he taken hold of any or all of the opportunities and used them as stepping stones, instead of trying to find the short cut by using and abusing other to get where he wanted.

Nigel had seen it all, so this wasn’t a surprising situation for him.  He’d witnessed worse and was indeed thankful this situation turned out as well as it had and they’d arrived in time to save Jackson’s life, for it was obvious this ass would have taken it to the next level, without a moment’s hesitation.  He was the sneaky underhanded behind your back type of perp.  Constantly feeling victimized instead of taking the bull by the horns and making something of himself and his situation, he expected to be handed what he wanted.  The fact he’d taken others ideas and projects and used them was the first step down the wrong path.  Perhaps he’d been on a destructive path for a while, but he’d proven himself now and he would pay for it.  Perhaps jail time would straighten him out, perhaps not.

They moved out into the meadow and the helicopter Nigel had waiting. It would fly them back to the base camp and onto a hospital as a precaution. His men would head home for time off before they caught another case. 

Taking June aside he said, “Finally, I can ask.” She quirked her head in question, “It was important that I remain professional while working this case, but now I can speak up.  I want to see you again, June, get to know you, see where this goes. I’m hoping you’re game.”

“I’d love that.  You commanded yourself admirably, Nigel, I wasn’t sure whether you were interested or not. It wasn’t the right time, but I was and am intrigued by you.  I want an opportunity to get to know you better.”

Before she could change her mind, she moved in and wrapped her arms around him, regardless of who might be watching, and kissed him passionately.

“Well, I’d say our interest is mutual,” Nigel smiled warmly.

“I was thinking earlier, that some good came out of this after all.”


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