James prided himself on providing quick resolutions, no hesitation, no indecision. So he was confounded upon finding himself in a situation he wasn’t sure how to deal with. Indecision was tying his hands.

He wandered around his office before heading across the room toward the windows where he always found solace peace and resolution. Today, however, it provided none of it. Instead, it heightened his frustration as he stared out across the vastness of a massive city, twinkling lights telling their own story hinting at families, men and women going about their nightly rituals without hesitation or indecision, he was sure of that!

Perhaps for the first time, the decision made no sense, there was no up side no matter which avenue he chose. Usually, he found a compromise that suited everyone, but for the life of him he couldn’t find a solution that worked for the greater benefit of both sides of the issue.

“This is bloody annoying, more than annoying, this is unacceptable! ” he raged aloud. How had he become embroiled in this situation in the first place, since it wasn’t of his making, and it wasn’t his problem? Right, he’d chosen to assist a friend in need. He now understood why his friend faced the dilemma he faced and why he’d been so determined that James assist him.

Determination set in as he plunked himself down on his chair. He’d find a solution by god, or die trying!

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