I wanted to take a moment and explain why I haven’t been visiting as many of you as I used to. It’s not that I’ve lost interest, I haven’t. In fact, I miss you very much.

Last year I took a couple of tumbles, ok, falls. Unfortunately, they opened the door to injuries that were present but not bothersome until this past year. My left knee must be repaired, both hips and section of my lower back which has spikes surrounding several vertebrae which are putting pressure on nerves into both my left and right leg.

As a consequence, sitting for any length of time is considerably painful, laying down worse and walking is ok for ten mins. It has meant that I must constantly move from chair to chair or bed or walk, I have to keep moving in order to keep ahead of the constant pain for which they’ve refused to give me anything since it’s “habit forming” and leads to stronger medications which become ineffective or so they have said. They talked about quality of life and I’m wondering at this point, whose quality of life? I rarely ask for drugs to assist with pain since I have (according to previous doctors) an incredibly high pain threshold and one that would have most people passed out or on the floor unable to deal.

This is not meant as a whine or snivel session, but rather, an explanation for why I can’t visit as many of you as I would like. One a day outside of trying to write my own blog which has been problematic but my son has fixed so I can now return to writing.

Hopefully with the passage of time, I’ll shall be able to interact more. Thanks to those of you who visit my blog anyway, you are troopers and it touches my heart that it isn’t a quid pro quo thing, that you find something of interest here.

Take care all; I’ve missed you and will continue to look in on you as often as I can. 🙂

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  1. You have no idea how well I understand your predicament. I think a number of us are suffering from a lot of physical issues and having a lot of trouble just managing to cope with our lives. i find myself barely able to put posts up, much less also read all the posts i would like to read. I do understand. Really truly understand.

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