He was great at subterfuge, one of the best, he had it in the bag, or so he thought. He’d fumbled and bumbled and faked his way through life and his job and this was no exception. He pasted a broad smile on his face and entered the room.

Myles wasn’t prepared for what met him. It was the most beautiful woman he’d ever laid eyes on. Exquisite in every way and he was speechless. As she looked up from the desk, she smiled, but the smile didn’t reach her eyes. They were cold and hard and flinty.

“A pleasure to meet you Ms. Murdock.” He walked confidently forward, hand extended, prepared to shake hers.

“Please have a seat Mr. Johnston. Your reputation precedes you.”

“I’m sure that’s a positive!” He smiled but he began to sweat.

“I’ve been evaluating your time with us, Mr. Johnston. It seems you’ve managed to pull the wool over everyone else’s eyes to get to where you are but your record is less than stellar. You’ve constantly fed off the work of co-workers, been late on far too many occasions with reports and data and now your applying for a position that requires dedication, late nights and meetings, plenty of meetings.” After a pause, allowing all she’d said to sink in, she said, “What gives you an edge in obtaining this position? Think carefully, Mr. Johnston.”

He choked. Couldn’t come up with a single thing to say in response. She read right through him, saw and was aware of all his flaws and he felt like a bug nailed to the wall. He had to get out of this one, without losing his current position. From the look on Ms. Murdock’s face, he was in deep shit!

For once, all the extraneous irrelevant unimportant bullcrap he’d always used and relied on wasn’t going to get the job done.

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