Gabe was more than angry, he was irate! That sanctimonious bag of wind had turned down his ideas for the app yet again. Normally Gabe wouldn’t have been concerned, he’d do his little spiel and move on but this was different. He knew it would work and take the company light years into the future.

The app he’d configured would benefit every age group from the elderly and those unfamiliar with apps and technology as well as youngsters in school and everyone in between. It would simply lives and would make millions if handled properly.

Arthur was incapable of seeing beyond the immediate, couldn’t read the future and what was coming. He literally couldn’t see beyond the end of his nose.

Gabe could capsulize in a nutshell where the industry was going, what would disappear within the next five years and the five to follow. If you didn’t keep up, keep one step ahead, you’d be lost in the stampede and there would be a stampede.

He headed outside for a breath of fresh air hoping to cool his frustration when the door opened behind him. He didn’t move at first, but when he turned, he saw the owner of the company standing outside the door.

“Gabe, isn’t it?”

“Yes,” Gabe turned and held out his hand, “Gabe Montgomery”.

“It so happens I was going to see Arthur and I heard part of your delivery. I’d be interested in hearing more if you’d bring everything to my office in ten minutes. I have a feeling your onto something here. I’d like to know more.”

“Certainly, Mr. Anderson.”

Gabe headed back to his office and gathered his materials to present to Mr. Anderson, eagerness in every step. Finally!

2 thoughts on “Sanctimonious

    1. It is, isn’t it? I am a fan of Robert Redford, but having said that, his endings usually have a sting. tyvm for stopping by and reading, I appreciate it very much 🙂

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