Without assistance on this massive project, it was an abject lesson in futility, or so he thought. Sighing, he sat at his desk and pondered the problem. He was used to taking on challenging projects, it excited and enervated him. This, however, was beyond his scope and was going to take massive effort, digging, research and more.

Robert set about creating a database from which to work and to store all gathered information in one spot in order to determine if any of the data correlated with other data collected and to hopefully curtail overlapping information which was useless and repetitive.

He’d worked for five solid hours when a shadow fell across his desk. When he looked up he found Janet beside his desk holding out two latte coffees and the whiff of nectar was beyond appealing. “Thank you, Janet, very thoughtful.”

“I figured you could use a break, saw your nose to the grindstone and figured it must be big.”

“Yeah, yeah, it is!”

“Need help?”

“A ton. I’ll gladly accept if your offering.”

“Sure. No problem. I haven’t got anything on my plate that can’t be handled in a couple of hours, but I’m betting whatever you’ve got going is massive.”

“Yes, and you know how I love challenges, but wow! This really requires more than just me, to prepare on time.”

“Count me in.” She slid her desk chair up to his desk then grabbed her lap top and settled in. ” Ok, let me know what I can do to help,” she said rubbing her hands together.

“Janet, your a lifesaver. I owe you!”

“Be sure, I’ll collect.” She smirked playfully.

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