As those of you know who are older, it getting around gets more difficult with time and age (something no one mentioned and I somehow missed as a kid, I saw it, just didn’t realize it would happen to me) I am learning.

My daughter has wanted to buy me a walker for three years and I kept refusing, not only because of the cost, but because the ones I knew about were ugly, seemed unstable and shouted “invalid”! All of which I was opposed to.

Well, she took me to a mobility store and had one there waiting. At first I have to admit I groaned. Then they fixed the height for me and I walked. It was astounding and amazing. It looks good, it’s super functional, has a carry basket and a seat. So when I can’t walk, I can rest.

It is amazing to use in home too, I can sit to cook which is a lifesaver as previous to the walker, I had to start cooking, go sit, hope it hadn’t burned, go back to look after the food, and repeat. It was difficult and exhausting.

I am now raving about this walker. I even managed to go shopping in a real store, under my own power because I could sit and rest when needed. We covered the ENTIRE mall, and malls are huge, particularly when you haven’t walked for 2 years (owing to 2 nasty falls). All I can say is she’s a godsend and this walker is too!


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