“When one door shuts, another one opens.” That saying haunted him forever without meaning. He didn’t or hadn’t believed it, until recently.

He’d bought a car one year ago and he knew it wasn’t a good deal, but he took it out of necessity.

He was looking for a new car and found one. He took it for a test drive and it had zip, it was spacious, it fit all the criteria of his life. He brought it home to see if his mom could get in and out easily and whether it was comfortable for her. The dealer came with, and allowed him to place a blanket in the back to see if the dog could get in and there was enough room for him. There was. It was perfect. He decided to take the deal.

They weren’t in a rush and asked him to come back the following day to pick up the car. He was astounded at the respect, consideration, thought, and the deal he’d been given. It was literally a once in a lifetime deal with free oil changes and car washes for ever, 7.9% interest rate, he was given 12,000.00 for his year old car, no down payment, 4,000.00 back and $300.00 check on a brand new 2018.

He took mom for three drives, one with the little ones, one with the dog, and one at night so she could enjoy the experience with him.

It was well deserved, his mom said. He’d suffered the lack of integrity, consideration, respect for standing up for what was right, for standing for those who couldn’t. He deserved this and more.

True story. Can you guess who? hehe

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