The fair was a sight to behold. Even having been involved from the ground up, participating in every stage of the creation of this event, Gordon took great pleasure in witnessing the fruition of his efforts.

The park sparkled and shone with twinkle lights designed to attract participants. Old fashioned lighting used to highlight events was a crowd pleaser as speakers announced the beginning of each new game and contest. He was more than pleased at witnessing the delight on every face from little ones to parents to grandparents alike, as they wandered through a variety of exhibitions from science to inventions.

The food was obviously a hit with a massive variety of colours tastes and textures from the tried and true like hotdogs and burgers to the innovative including vegan and keto. Every effort had been made to include the vast majority of visitors and it obviously paid off.

Laughter and giggles permeated the air as one after another, visitors came across something else to delight. Indeed this was a red letter day!

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