He felt displaced. Unwelcome. Unwanted. Superfluous. Even if it was in his own mind.

Thrown into an unknown time stream, he’d landed in an era far more advanced than his own. He tried desperately to fit in to catch up with current times but he was behind the eight ball and he was on his own. No one knew where he was, not yet anyway. It may take years for them to find him and until then, he must bide his time and wait.

George wasn’t a patient man at the best of times. He was far harder on himself than on others, expecting absolute perfection in all he did. It was only after spending the last eight months in this exciting, innovative time that he realized he was out of his depth and must take a back seat to everyone and everything.

If anyone suspected he didn’t belong, they didn’t show it, but then among the wild crazy off the beaten path types he’d witnessed so far, he’d fit right in. No one seemed to question his identity or motives which suited him just fine.

If he seemed dilatory, they smiled and went about their business as though there was nothing unusual about him. Because of that acceptance, he’d finally relaxed into the roll he’d created for himself.

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