A nondescript voice announced, “Your activation has begun.” Foggy though I was, my brain still encapsulated in blankets of sleeps woven tendrils, I couldn’t figure out what was happening. Was I still dreaming? Was this real? Where the hell was I?

Staring at the groups of people waiting expectantly around me, I looked into one pair of eyes after another. Then I looked down at my clothes and noticed I was wearing something akin to coveralls but form fitting. My hands, when I moved them, were definitely mine. I squeezed my fingers into balls and then a fist, yep, ok, mine! I looked down at my legs feet and toes and gave them a wiggle. Yep, also mine.

I looked up at the expectant faces again hoping someone would clue me in, explain what was happening and as I did, my eye landed on Max. Finally a familiar face.

“Max?” He smiled in return.

“Welcome back, Char. You arrived in one piece, always good!”

“Having a little trouble here. I know you, but my memory is vague regarding anyone else and what’s happening.”

“That’s to be expected. It’ll take a minute or two before your memory clears but you’ll be fine.”

“You know this because?”

“Because I landed just before you and I went through the same thing. I too was nervous at first, but you’ll see, it’s an amazing rush when it all comes together.”

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