Before today, Joe had seemingly taken all the credit for his successes in life, whether work-related or on the home-front. Some considered him puffed up on pride and ego.

His uncle, a man whom he admired and loved, who’d taken him in and given him a home, died of old age. While it wasn’t a shock, it had been coming for a time, it left him re-thinking his position in life and how he’d gotten where he was.

If it hadn’t been that his uncle had willingly taken him in when he heard about his existence, he’d be one of those street urchins as they are so euphemistically called, for they weren’t urchins, it wasn’t sweet or cute. It was a fight to live, where the strongest survive. For the past few weeks, he’d watched out his window as they came and went, some bullying others, some accepting, all with a lack of hope in their eyes that ripped his heart out. He could so easily have become one of those unfortunate youngsters and he had to wonder where he’d be today if that had been the case.

With these thoughts in mind, he was determined he’d give back to society in his uncle’s name by forming a foundation for disenfranchised youth to give them the same opportunity he’d received from a welcoming loving “father figure” who’d been firm and even strict, but who’d also loved him unconditionally. Geoffrey Jones Foundation so named for the man who’d inspired him to reach for the stars, keep his goal in eyesight and never give up on himself or what he wanted.

It was an honour and a pleasure to do this for his uncle as a tribute to man deserving of respect consideration and his love.

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