Aaron was always on the look-out for superior craftsmanship. Purely by accident, he’d come upon a booth run by a woman, a jeweller who created the most phenomenal designs, beautiful, elegant, intricate, fashionable and truly spectacular.

He’d been searching for her ever since he’d heard about her work and it seemed that she wasn’t stationary, but instead, seemed to travel taking her wares with her.

He’d had his people searching high and low since he’d first spotted her booth in Montana. A little hole in the wall town in the back of nowhere but a place that encapsulated the meaning of art and artisans in all its glory. Each artisan’s work told a story and each was exquisite.

When he’d spotted Imagination, he’d been instantly enthralled. The woman had been running errands and another woman was taking care of her booth. He’d waited until closing hoping she’d return and he could speak with her. Unfortunately, he’d had to settle with leaving a business card which he’d handed to the other woman and he’d even stayed an extra night at a B & B hoping to catch her the following day. Unfortunately, her booth had closed and she was gone. When he asked around, no one seemed to know much about her, or did and weren’t talking.

Aaron checked local papers and a brochure he’d found highlighting local jewelry shows scheduled throughout the remainder of the season. It would be a shot in the dark as to which ones she was likely to attend and whether she’d even speak with him regarding a proposal he had in mind.

Perhaps she was the free spirited sort that enjoyed traveling from show to show and perhaps she made enough money to make it worthwhile. Certainly she should be pulling in big bucks for her beautiful work. He was determined he’d keep looking until he found her.

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