Alex loved challenges, hell he lived for challenges. The new project that landed on his desk proposed to be a challenge on several fronts and he was eager to dig in and get started.

Although his boss never set outlandish time limits on anyone, Alex usually set his own and always always reached his goal. It was a thing, it had become a thing shortly after he arrived at Morgan and Morgan Freelance Writers and he hadn’t let himself down yet.

The other writers couldn’t understand his verve, his desire to best himself to create something unique special awesome within his own set of parameters. They all thought he was nuts. He considered his challenges as potential, keeping his mind sharp, his senses alert. So far it had worked beautifully.

He knew this topic would sorely test his mettle because it was a subject he found most abhorrent. Man’s inhumanity to man knew no bounds whether it was racially financially physically or mentally motivated. He couldn’t wrap his mind around any of it and this would become his ultimate challenge. He’d have to narrow the field to one thought and he’d try to tie all of the circumstances into one theme. Since he couldn’t imagine perpetrating such barbaric cruelty, it was difficult to know where to start, but start he would! And, what’s more, he’d make it would be a very pointed article and slam a few people’s heads together. Of that he was sure!

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Sun Jul 14 , 2019
The eventual conclusion brought great sadness to Alexa. Without a doubt there was only one way this scenario could end, and it was badly.

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