The eventual conclusion brought great sadness to Alexa. Without a doubt there was only one way this scenario could end, and it was badly.

Too much time had passed, the case had gone cold and no one was interested in finding her long lost friend, Amelia. Sure there had been eager interest in the beginning. Beautiful young French actress and singer disappears while hiking the Appalachian Trial. The world was buzzing with questions thirsting for news.

She was an icon and had a mass following because her stage presence was incredible, her acting impeccable but as beautiful as that was, her singing took you to a different place, pulled heart string you didn’t know existed and held entire audiences in her hand and as she finished singing, the unbreakable silence that had been total, erupted into a cacophony of sound that threatened to deafen.

And she was gone, missing, hadn’t been heard from in weeks. Several search parties had gone looking, starting with the last known location from which she’d been seen. While she was a super star in every way, she knew how to blend too and she blended well. As it happened, a husband and wife accidentally ran into her and after hesitantly asking and receiving an autograph, continued on their way. This was the location from which the searching had begun, but to no avail.

Alexa couldn’t bring herself to believe her friend had met a tragic end alone while doing something she loved but alone without help. A single tear slid down her face as she thought of her loss, the worlds loss, as overwhelming sadness coursed through her veins. Damn it!

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