Every time she considered reading a saga her first and only thought was why? Why the interest, why care? Sagas were boring, concerned a lifetime and lifestyle of people she’d never known and wasn’t the least bit interested in and she was even less interested in investing time and effort in reading absorbing or thinking about it. She was interested in the here and now, the present. Danielle constantly scoffed at her best friend’s choice of reading material. She’d shake her head, sigh and roll her eyes.

Until today! Janet had left her book behind in her hurry to get home and she’d left it laying with the cover facing up. For some unknown reason, it caught her eye. She stared in utter disbelief.

Picking the book up with shaking fingers, she continued to stare at the faces gracing the cover. Was this real, was this possible? What the hell! Backing up, she plunked down on the nearest seat and continued staring at the faces of two people she’d known and loved her entire life. Her parents.

Flipping to the inside of the cover she read, ” Harriet and George were lovers long before they married. It was a love of the ages.” She perused the rest of the page to find out when the book had been written. 1979, two years before her birth. Were they models or was this truly their story?

Without another thought, she began reading and became so engrossed that time literally stood still and she was forced to turn a lamp on in order to continue. Several hours passed before she looked up from the book, three quarters through and dropped it in her lap.

She wasn’t able to ask her parents, they were no longer with her, they’d passed away two years ago but the story certainly rang true from the stories they’d shared with her.

Danielle stopped only long enough to conjure something edible from the fridge and plopped down to continue reading. It was 2 am when she finally finished, grateful it was a long weekend and she could sleep in the following day. Perhaps. The story was so compelling, she wanted to speak to her aunt about the contents, find out if she knew anything about it, if it were true or a fabrication and who the writer was and whether she knew him.

She’d never scoff at a saga again for this compelling story, whether relating personally with her parents and grand parents or not, had captured her! She wanted, no needed to know more!

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