Jean comforted herself in knowing that some of the greatest minds in the world would scribble notes on whatever was handy. Song writers were said to use napkins at a restaurant, even toilet paper while sitting in the john.

It wasn’t as though she were forgetful or had a short memory, her mind was a jumble of thoughts and ideas, each pushing for acknowledgement and few winning out since they’d overlap again and again.

So she’d taken to carrying a small tablet with her that she could fill with copious notes. She had a stack of them at home and before leaving the house she it was given she’d check her for her little notebook before exiting the door.

She was flustered at the moment, because for the first time in forever, she’d left without so much as a thought about taking notes, writing anything down on paper she might need later.

Instead, her mind had been focused on the upcoming merger in which her once close friend with whom she’d not spoken in 10 years was both owner and presenter. She was unnerved for she’d had a crush on him once, long ago and she hoped he’d long since forgotten it and the girl with the pigtails that followed him everywhere. Her brothers still teased her about it. Although it should be a distant memory, it was in her face today as though it had occurred yesterday! Ugh! she thought.

All it would take was a look in his eyes to know….whether he remembered!

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Some people were great actors and hid their disgust hatred and resentment well. Still, when she found the motive, she found her killer.
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