Geraldine admitted some folks just plain mystify her. She could no more wrap her mind around man’s inhumanity to man and the viciousness with which they willingly participated in major crimes, nor the inventive ways they concocted to kill each other off.

The reasoning behind the action was even less understandable. You took the last coffee to you were making more money than me. It wasn’t always revenge, other emotions seemed as likely a reason such as jealousy, ignorance, self-centeredness, and those driven by fear and anger.

When a motive seemed illogical or wasn’t immediately apparent, that’s when the digging began. Some people were great actors and hid their disgust hatred and resentment well. Still, when she found the motive, she found her killer. Follow the money in some instances, or follow the responses of those surrounding the victim. The hardest cases to solve were the ones where the victim was loved, generous, caring, involved with family and friends and murder seemed implausible. And yet it happened, again and again.

It was her job as a murder cop to sift through all the evidence, the crime scene, the characters and find the person with the real motive. Sometimes it was the least likely suspect of all. Those occasions she found most astonishing of all.

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