I’ve witnessed covetous greedy possessive behaviour but really, this took the cake.


I sat in shock and ok awe. I’ve witnessed covetous greedy possessive behaviour but really, this took the cake. What’s more the parents weren’t even interested let alone cared about their daughter’s behaviour.

I bought toys for the children, enough to keep them happy but not enough to encourage greed. Less is more. To my way of thinking it sponsors an atmosphere of acceptance and appreciation so that when something new appears, it is appreciated.

This little visitor played quietly for awhile and all was well. I heard a fuss coming from the bedroom and out she ran to join the adults enjoying coffee in the living room. We all turned to watch as she raced to the chair, her arms full of teddy bears and toys. Ok, that sounds bad, 8 or 9 teddy’s and one doll. But that was every toy my daughter owned. And she threw them all behind her and sat on them while holding the doll. My daughter couldn’t reach any of them and the girl started screaming and making faces when she tried to play with any of them.

I have to admit I sat in stunned silence for a moment. Then I turned to the parents and said, do you realize your daughter is hoarding every toy my daughter has? Please give them back now. We share in this house, says I. The parents just looked shocked, suggested she put the toys back and left.

Was it me standing up for my child, or was it embarrassment at their daughter’s behaviour? They didn’t come visit again. I didn’t ask them to either. Didn’t seem much of a loss to be honest.

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  1. At one point in Israel I basically ejected someone who wouldn’t control her kids. They jumped on the furniture, mashed bananas into the floor. They were atrocious and she just ignored them, like this was normal behavior for her. You friend my have been too embarrassed to come back because yeah, she had no control over her kid and that IS embarrassing.

    1. It is to you and me. I’d be mortified if my kid acted that way, or my grandkids now, holy shit, it’d be dealt with here and now. No it’s hands or buts.

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