Your Daily Word Prompt – Enigmatic – August 7, 2019

Danielle had worked for Superior Products At Your Fingertips for 10 years and counting. In all that time she’d never to her knowledge met or seen the owner. She’d never even heard his voice. It seemed he was the most enigmatic of men.

He ruled his company with a gentle but firm hand from a distance. She’d often wondered why that was. Perhaps he disliked entanglements. Maybe he was a germaphobe. Could be he was ill himself.

Whatever the case, he knew his employees well as was indicated by his honest appraisal of their behaviour, their contributions, and particularly by his compassion for those less fortunate who were (due to circumstances) unable to put in a full days work. Often a mother was called home due to illness, sometimes severe sometimes not. It didn’t matter to Constantine. If someone required time off, they got it, without question.

Danielle knew Francine had received an anonymous donation when her mother passed due to cancer and she’d used the money for her mother’s funeral. David’s father required in home care which he couldn’t afford and somehow it became available at a price he could meet.

Danielle knew in the recesses of her mind, it was due to Constantine. He knew everything about his employees. If there was a slacker in the bunch, they smartened up real quick, or they were gone. He expected loyalty, a good days work and honesty.

She was standing at her office window staring out at the incredible view when a knock sounded on her door. As she wasn’t expecting anyone for another hour, she was somewhat surprised.

Calling, “Come in,” she waited for the door to open. When she turned, she was addressed by a tall well dressed handsome man.

After entering and closing the door, he headed toward her with a hand outstretched. “Danielle, it’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m Constantine Bishop.”

She couldn’t have been more shocked or surprised. Momentarily stunned she stared at him before collecting herself and greeting walking toward him. “This is a pleasant and unexpected surprise,” she managed.

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