Everyone had words of praise honour and humour for Eric Summers. He was an easy man to memorialize. His integrity stood the test of time. He showed respect consideration affection and gratitude to all around him. It didn’t matter the occasion, time, or even place. When someone stopped at his table in a crowded restaurant to say hello, he took a moment and spoke with them as though they were a long lost friend. He never considered anyone beneath him, instead, he spoke as though they were a gift to him.

No wonder he was being memorialized this day. Janet could easily imagine the graceful words he would have spoken in response to the love and affection displayed. The smile, the gentle regard that would have lit his face at the kind words spoken.

She could well imagine the slight confusion, the wonder, the pondering look that would light his eyes. Not because he wouldn’t have been touched, even delighted by at knowing how they felt, but because his acts of kindness and generosity were second nature to him and he hadn’t ever looked for praise or recognition for his kindly acts. He felt everyone should pay it forward, give something back, to ease another persons struggles.

He had an innate gift. It was as if he could reach people’s souls and share words of wisdom that befit the person, their struggles and life. It came so naturally to him it was second nature and he couldn’t fathom the fact there were others who couldn’t and didn’t have his gift. Not that he took his ability for granted. He never did.

As the eulogy continued on, she raised her eyes to the speaker and smiled. IF she’d had a glass in her hand, she’d have immediately toasted him without words and he’d have smiled that wonderful smile with a glint of amusement in his eyes. While your passing is indeed our loss, you will be forever remembered not by the simple plaque placed with joy on the park you loved so much, but in the hearts of all who had the privilege of knowing you! She thought ‘cheers Eric!’

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