The ferocious look on the woman’s face bespoke problems for someone. Claire could just make out her words, “Payback’s a bitch!” Well! She couldn’t help but wonder who the recipient of her evil intent could possibly be. Whoever it was, was going to receive more than they bargained for, that was a given and knowing the woman, Claire knew it was most likely not deserved.

Juvenile and adolescent to say the least, but that was Shannon. She took affront at everything all the time. She had such a negative attitude that even a few kind words would likely be taken the wrong way.

Clair had made a constant effort to avoid contact with her no matter where she was whether at work or on the street or in a store. The woman was nothing but negative energy and she didn’t need nor want her in her life.

She was certainly shocked when at the end of the work day, she found mud covering her windows on the car. It was impossible to move until she somehow managed to clean them. “Guess I know who the recipient of her current issues was.”

It took Clair several trips after finding a bucket in the janitor’s closet to clear the mud off her car. She was covered in splatter and none too happy about it, but since there was little she could do about the situation, she sighed, returned the bucket to the closet and headed back out to her car.

Slapping at the muck on her clothes to knock as much off as possible, she unlocked her door and got it all the while wondering what the hell she’d supposedly done to annoy her this time.

When she arrived home, she showered and changed into clean clothes just as her phone rang. “Surprise surprise, bitch!”

“What’s up with you, Shannon? Whatever it is, that was uncalled for.”

With a “Not enough if you ask me!” she hung up.

Claire would probably never know what sponsored the attack. If he continued, however, she’d see about pressing charges this time because she was done with her behaviour.

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