Loki, our beautiful black german shedder (haha) had to have elbow surgery 3 days ago. He came home the next day, groggy and out of it due to the surgery and meds. He’s doing fine. For the most part, he’s groggy as all get out, but he’s able to eat and drink with no adverse side effects, thankfully.

He’s an extremely high energy pup and I was concerned about that but they sent home meds. to keep him semi-sedated which has calmed him considerably.

That’s when we found out how obstinate he could be. The first dose of meds was easy to administer. However, that soon changed. He quickly found a way to eat the goody without the pills. Since he has six pills and liquid to take twice daily, it’s mind boggling.

My son has to administer the meds. and this morning he was so good at spitting them out that his frustration level was at an all time high. I hit upon the idea of giving his meds in the pouches along with his favourite snack and low and behold, problem solved. We’ll eat anything for a treat. Phew.

He’s not allowed to walk for 4 days and he’s already walking across the room if he thinks he can get away with it. The major problem is getting him down the stairs. He’s wearing his harness which is for walks. It means lifting his front legs off the ground and just using his back legs. He weights over 105 lbs. and it’s not an easy task, especially when I have hip problems of my own. My son has been taking him in and out as he was off work.

Today was test day. It was a bit arduous but I managed until we got outside and he saw Abbey whom he loves to play with. The struggle was on as again he obstinately was determined to say hi. Thankfully Abbey came up nose to nose they sniffed said their hello and i carried him to the area he uses to do his business, which of course, he didn’t. I managed to get him back inside and the meds. have kicked in and he’s asleep.

We have 4 weeks of this left before he’s allowed to walk but no running, jumping, hopping or general hurrahs. That is a task in itself when the little people come to visit because he’s always played with them when they came over. I honestly didn’t believe a dog could be more obstinate than children, but I found out quickly, they can be.

If this surgery fixes the problem, he’ll have his other front shoulder tended to in 8 weeks and the story repeats. In the long run, this will eliminate arthritis for about 10 years. My son was willing to try as he’s such a high energy dog and he loves to run and play. I surely hope with all my heart this works and works well. Having lived with arthritis and it’s effects, I want the best for him. If I can manage to get a picture here, you’ll get a chance to see him. He’s wonderful and has touched my heart completely.

It’s been years since I had a dog and I’m in love with him. He LOVES hugs and he’s a great companion and I enjoy him so much!

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